Hello There!  Many thanks for visiting fxcontactlenses.org.  Our team is dedicated to providing ‘quality information’ and ‘quality products’ such as: special effects contact lenses, decorative, theatrical, Halloween, or colored contacts; along with other make-up/costume ideas & products.

This blog acts as our central hub which redirects to our http://store.fxcontactlenses.org store which has dozens more contact lenses to see and choose from — from a wide variety of styles and colors that are fitting for pretty much any type of look, makeup effect, or costume.  And if you can’t find your desired lenses here, or on our store fitting to your look or style, then feel free to contact us directly.  We will make our best effort to either custom design one for you ourselves or point you in the right direction.  We are here to serve, and will do anything within our means to meet your needs.

As you probably can tell from navigating this blog, we are very professional about what we do.  We wanted the ‘structure’ & ‘design’ of this site in a format that is simple for our visitors, and most convenient for navigation purposes.  We wanted it to look great with professional images, videos, and rich educational content that is ‘above’ & ‘beyond’ any other special effects contact lenses sites you’ve come across on the internet.

We also want you to have FUN while you’re on fxcontactlense.org.  And we’ve taken every effort to make is as cool looking as possible.  Because we want you to bookmark and return… we want you to share us on social media… and we want you to read our content, and watch our videos.  So, as opposed to other special effects contact lenses sites that merely post a “contact lens image” with a ‘price’ or ‘buy now button’ — goes to show their primary intention is to sell, and not providing “rich content” and making it a pleasing experience for their visitors and customers.

In terms of the quality of the special effects contacts, and colored contacts found throughout our site, we have done extensive research, and have been fortunate to develop a good relationship with one of the leading manufacturers in cosmetic, theatrical, and custom contact lenses — producing some of the most popular brands such as: Gothika, Gothika Sclera, Custom SFX, Bella, Color Max, Venus, & Impressions.

These brands are FDA approved, manufactured to to industry’s highest standard and of quality material ideal for: SFX makeup artists, theatrical production, movie production, rock/metal musicians, costume parties, Halloween, FX stylists, haunt attractions, sports fanatics, cosplay events, Anime characters, goths, vampires, clubbers, ravers, models, or anyone that just wants to make an impact.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or feedback by leaving us a message below, or contacting us here.  We’re here to serve, and will do anything within our means to meet your needs.