Avatar Special Effects Contact LensesAvatar Gothika FX Contacts

Dress the part this Halloween, or for the next cosplay, and really stand out from all the other Navi with a pair of Gothika Avatar contact lenses.

Inspired by the film of the same name, these strikingly beautiful contacts feature a light yellow-green earth tone in a sun-burst formation, with a darker green limbal ring, and contrasting green bursting flecks protruding out from the pupil.

This unique style lens gives your eyes a riveting and multi-dimensional appeal that’s sure to bring your alien creature to life, along with a variety of other inhuman-like costumes and makeup effects.

Available in non-corrective versions only.  Click on image for more information.

Avatar Special Effects Custom Contact Lenses

Avatar Custom SFX Contacts

How could you not but help fall in love with these big yellow Navi eyes — a lens design inspired by the movie of the same name — and bearing a close resemblance to the eyes of those beautiful, blue alien creatures we fell in love with.

These custom SFX Avatar contacts feature a yellow large iris(15.0 diameter) with golden-brown outer limbal-ring.

Available in both corrective(-6.00 to -0.25) and non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Wear these Avatar custom SFX contacts for the ultimate, striking appeal to costume parties, film production, stage performance; or pay homage to the Navi’ at the next cosplay event.

Official Avatar Movie Trailer

Avatar – The Movies Special Effects

Avatar is a 2009 science fiction film film directed by Hollywood sensation James Cameron.  Considered to be one of the best alien movies that pushed technological boundaries for its time.  In 1997, much of the movie special effects that James Cameron wanted to incorporate into this alien movie were technically impossible, and one of the most intricate ideas was to create realistic facial features into the in 3D Navi — whom were the alien animated beings.

Nearly 60% computer generated and utilizing CGI technology, the general idea was to record real actors movements which were then translated into animated CG aliens called Na’vi.

Many scenes utilized green screen technnology with an actor in the foreground, and everything else in the background, from props, set materials, machinery, vehicles, Navi’ aliens, etc.

In addition, all of these elements had to work in unison with 3-D technology.  The Avatar special effects team used high-tech programs and 3D software to bring about the cutting edge visual effects in the film.

A high tech 3-D software called Ocula was needed to ensure that the two images blended together well to create a balanced effect for the human eye and its visual perspective.

One of the software & digital companies taking the lead on the visual effects for Avatar was Weta Digital — based out of New Zealand, and working in conjunction with visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic based out of California, whom made a big name of themselves from their work on the “Star Wars” movies.

The film went on for being nominated for 2010 Academy award in Achievement for Directing, and also being nominated for Art Direction, Awards in Best Picture, Film Editing, Sound Mixing, Cinematography, Visual Effects, Sound Editing, & Music-Original Score.

Avatar is said to be the 1st film where characters rendered in CGI eliminated the unpleasant uncanny valley effect.  Watching and witnessing the rendering of Pandora, Jake Sully legs, and flora & fauna is an amazing experience, in addition to watching it in 3D puts it on a pedestal of all sci-fi movies.

In addition, James Cameron and the rest of the special effects team made sure to incorporate all their knowledge & tools from their toolbox.  Many different Prosthetics, props and makeup were blended into the right scenes in the right moment situation — thus utilizing some of the best special effects & software technologies that were used to bring this movie to life.

How The Avatar Eyes Were Inspired

John Rosengrant, from Legacy Effects, whom led the special effects team in the making of Avatar, said in an interview that the Eyes of the Na’vi alien was inspired by the snow leopard — the cats which live in the high rugged mountains of Central Asia.

He said that he wanted the Na’vi to have big eyes, and the animal that most closely resembled that was the snow leopard.

The team then experimented with different colors, finally choosing a warm gold with hints of light green.

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