Black FX Contact Lenses

Allow your dark soul to project through your gaze with gothic, possessed, & demonic special effects contacts.  Presenting three unique style lenses that are sure to conform to a variety of styles, genres, costumes, & makeup effects.  From die-hard goth chicks -to- wicked vampires and demon possessed victims -to- creepy skull effects, now you can vibe like the characters & creatures from your favorite movies.

Black Demonic Sclera contact lensesBlack Demonic Sclera Contacts

From malicious demons -to- horrific devils and big-eyed aliens -to- blood-thirsty vampires, all-black sclera contacts lenses are sure to intensify the scare factor of your makeup and costume effects.

These all black lenses cover the majority of the sclera, giving your appearance an otherworldly, dramatic appeal.

These ‘supernatural’ style lenses vibe well with a variety of makeup effects; and have been featured in tons of famous horror & sci-fi productions.

Here are just a few of the characters & creatures featuring these same style contacts brought to life on the big screen & television shows : vampires, demons, werewolves, devils, aliens, skulls, killer clowns, and otherworldly creatures.

American rock musician and artist Wes Borland from the band Limp Bizkit made these same black style contacts his signature statement during his onstage guitar performances; often wearing them with wicked or demonic style black & white costumes or body paint.

Featuring a 22.0 sclera lens, these all-black contacts cover the majority of your eye, making them more suitable for: body paints, theatrical events, film production, or photo-shoots.  Do not wear for more than a few hours at a time without taking a break, as it’s important that you give your eyes time to breathe.

Available in non-corrective & corrective versions.  Also available in two different brands(Gothika & CustomSFX).  Click on image for more information.

Here are some cool scenes in the video below from the American horror television series Supernatural, featuring black demonic style contacts.

Possessed Blackout Contact LensesPossessed Blackout Contacts

Create that movie-quality possessed-eye effect we all love to experience from characters & creatures in horror & sci-fi.

Just a few of the famous horror movies you’ve seen these black style contacts in: 30 Days of Night, Thirteen Ghosts, & Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning.

These possessed blackout contacts have also been featured in many sci-fi films consisting of aliens and otherworldly creatures.

These spell-binding, jet black eyes can really accentuate your makeup and costume effects, vibing well with all-things ungodly, unholy, haunted, creepy & cursed.  Making these a great effect for soul-stealing demons, blood-thirsty vampires, malevolent ghosts, possessed souls, and other supernatural creatures.

These haunting eyes will either have ‘mere-mortals’ falling under your hypnotizing stare -or- shivering in their boots.

So slip these in and allow the possession to take hold of your sorry soul; and get ready to deliver a cold, soulless gaze for Halloween, cosplay, photo-shoots, theater, film production, vamp/goth clubs or role-playing fun!

Featuring an 18.0 diameter lens, these movie-quality lenses cover the majority of the eye which includes all of the iris and a large portion of the sclera.  So do not wear these for more than a few hours at a time without taking a break, as your eyes need time to breathe.

Available in non-corrective & corrective versions.  Click on image for more information.

Watch 2 videos below to see how possessed blackout style contacts look with the Vampires from the film 30 days of night and The Angry Princess from the film Thirteen Ghosts

Black Gothic Metal Contact LensesBlack Goth/Metal Contacts

Rock out in true Goth-Metal fashion with Black Gothic Metal FX contacts. These beautiful, all-black lenses are fitting for ‘darker’, ‘mysterious souls’: goths, metal heads, vampires, or true rebels at heart.

Black goth metal contacts make for a beautiful, dark and mysterious effect when paired with naturally pale skin, or white makeup applications.

Marilyn Manson popularized this lens style by wearing one of these in his right eye, along with a white contact lens with black limbal ring in his left eye.  This served him well as a unique effect to represent the dichotomy of good and evil, and the existence of both, together, in every whole.

Black goth-metal contacts are sure to make you feel more dark —  from rocking on stage -to- banging your head in the crowd -or- ‘spicing up’ your goth appeal -to- accentuating your vampire makeup.

These also make for a great effect for: film production, body paints, cosplay, Halloween, haunts, theater, anime, parties, makeup stylists, stage performances, or role-playing fun!

Available in non-corrective & corrective versions.  Click on image to learn more.


These three black style lenses conform to many different genres, arts & lifestyles, such as: movie production, stage performers, theatrical arts, body painters, make-up artists, photo-shoots, cosplay/anime events, Rock musicians, Gothic freaks, haunt attractions, and Halloween.  The color black is the absence of color & light, thus representing utter darkness.  Some even view the dark color black the most suitable color to fit with any type of scary evil monster such as Vampire, Demon, Werewolf, etc.

Whether you want to wear these with a costume or dark Goth outfits, they will be the perfect add-on to give you that movie star quality look & feel.

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