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Orc Theatrical FX Contacts

Bring your orc creatures to life with our Orc special effects contact lenses. Accentuate your Orc makeup & costumes for: film production, cosplay events, stage acts, costume parties, Lord of the Rings movie releases, or Halloween Fun!

From fearsome Orc Berserkers -to- tortured Cave Orcs and Blackgate Orc troops -to- swifty Woodland Orcs, our wide variety of professional, movie-quality Orc contacts are sure to meet your Orkish desires.

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Twilight Cosplay Contact Lenses

Accentuate your twilight vampire makeup for Halloween or cosplay, or pay homage to your favorite character at the next twilight movie release or conventions.

Featuring a variety of twilight special effects contacts, and inspired by the film series of the same name, from The Cullen’s to The Newborn’s and The Volturi to The Nomadic, these vampire eyes are sure to give your characters that extra pop.

Featuring brands: CustomSFX for an intricate, hand-painted design, or Gothika, which are machine-stamped for a simplistic design.

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Vampire Lestat Cosplay Contacts

Transform yourself from a mere mortal into a vicious vampire aristocrat with Lestat Contact Lenses. Feel Lestat’s blood coarse through your veins after slipping in these chilling blue vampire eyes. Inspired by the character Lestat from the movie Interview with a Vampire, these serve as the perfect makeup effect for: cosplay, film, costume parties, vampire conventions, goth clubs, or Halloween.

Showcasing two brands: Custom SFX which are custom-designed & hand-painted for a movie-quality effect, and Gothika FX which are machine-processed for a more uniform, economical design.

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Dark Side Sith contact lenses

Step on over to the dark side with the most evil, intimidating eyes. From Dark lords to Sith Warriors and Sith Assassins to Evil Emperors, give your favorite Star Wars characters a movie-quality effect that’ll make your makeup & costumes come to life.

Spice up and accentuate the look of: Emperor Palpatine, Darth Maul, Savage Opress, Grand Inquisitor, and other Sith Warriors, Lords & Assassins. Go in true style and pay homage to these dark side characters for: Star wars events, movie releases, cosplay shows, or just Halloween Fun!

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Avatar Cosplay Contact Lenses

Jake Sully and Neytiri brought the Avatar film to life with their elongated athletic blue bodies, and beautiful, big yellow eyes.

Although most of the film was computer generated, these movie-inspired Avatar Contacts bear a close resemblance to the Na’vi; featuring two different style contact lenses(Gothika & Custom SFX).

Select a pair to pay homage to these popular alien creatures for Avatar movie releases, cosplay events, or Halloween Fun!

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Louis Cosplay Contact Lenses

Introducing Louis Contacts! Portray that same charming, intimidating vampire character stare as Louis from Interview With A Vampire at the next cosplay event, for Halloween, film production, vampire/goth clubs, or stage acts.

These sexy green vampire contact lenses are made in two versions: Custom SFX which is hand-painted and customized with intricate designs more suitable for professional make-up effects. The other version is Gothika which is machine made and more economical for cosplay or Halloween costumes.

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Underworld Special Effects Contact Lenses

You’ve seen the movie and now you can play the part. Introducing Underworld Cosplay contact lenses! Featuring movie-inspired lenses from all the main characters & creatures; from death dealers -to- vampire aristocrats and Hybrids -to- Lycans.

Slip in a pair and pay homage to any one of these characters for cosplay events or impress your friends this Halloween. Look like Selene, Viktor, Kraven, Amelia, Lucian, or Michael Corvin..

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Exorcist Cosplay Contacts

Pazuzu, one of the most powerful, malicious demons has taken hold of your soul. Its evil intentions reflect through these piercing eyes.

Introducing Regan & Sarah Exorcism contacts. These horrifying special effects lenses serve as close replicas from the Exorcist film series, and are sure to serve any demonic or possessed costume/makeup effects for Halloween, cosplay, theatre, film, etc.

These Custom SFX brand lenses are custom-designed & hand-painted with intricate detailing, giving your characters and creatures the ultimate ‘scare factor’ & movie-quality effect.

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