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Add a little more color & character & to your zombie makeup & costume effects with Colored Gothika Zombie Contact Lenses. Featuring a variety of colors & styles; from sickening yellow to blood-splattering red -or- ghoulish green to chilling blue.

These zombie contact lenses are great for: cosplay, theatre, film, Halloween, haunts, makeup stylists, body paints, costume parties, or just to make an impact!

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A zombie is no zombie without zombie eyes. Spice up your makeup, or zombie costume with some of our more popular white zombie contact lenses.

Six unique styles to fit any zombie look or feel, from: all white, frosty, zombified, blind-eye, necri, & black-limbal ring.

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Two of the industries most popular Risen dead contact lenses. These Walking Dead Contact Lenses serve as a close replica to the original special effects lenses from the series. Featuring white Zombie sclera Contacts with blood-shot vessels. Much detail incorporated in this intricate Custom SFX design.

The Gothika design features a frosty-eyed lens style that will give your zombies more of a rotting corpse effect.

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