Zombie Colored Contact LensesThe most popular zombie eye effects are white-out, decaying, or bling-eye — and generally convey the message that the soul has rotted away, and hunger for human flesh.  But why not add a little more color & character & to your zombie creatures?…

…how about yellow zombie eyes for a more sickening-like appeal?  Or a blood-splattering effect on your iris to make your zombie look like they got hit by a Mack Truck?  Or some fiery, piercing berzerker eyes to add to the “spook factor” of your zombie?  Or full-sclera WWZ lenses for a totally wild & distinct zombie effect?

if you want it.. we got it!  Here are some of the industries best colored zombie FX contacts.  These professional styled lenses are of the popular Gothika brand, featuring a variety of colors & styles that are sure to make your zombies look like they crawled right out of a grave -or- hobbled straight off the set of The Walking Dead.

Green Zombie Contact LensesZombie Green FX Contacts

From green ghouls to sickly looking people -or- green slime to Reagan from the exorcist throwing up split pea soup, this color green has always been associated with all things sickly, monstrous & ugly.

Create that same essence with these spine-chilling Zombie Green FX Contact lenses.

Featuring a ghoulish, zombified green opaque style lens that’s sure to spook the hell out of all living creatures.

These ghastly FX contacts will make your characters & creatures more deathly looking.  Perfect look for: zombies, goblins, witches, ghouls, trolls, ghosts, and other mythical creatures.

Available in non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Zombie Yellow Contact LensesZombie Yellow FX Contacts

There is nothing creepier than a person with yellow eyes, except for a zombie with yellow eyes.

Create some surreal looking characters & creatures with Yellow Zombie FX Contacts, making you look truly intense, deadened, or disease-stricken.

These creepy yellow eyes accentuate well with a variety of makeup & costume effects.  Some great ideas include: virus-stricken zombies, wicked demons & evil clowns.

Great for: Halloween, cosplay, theatre, film production, haunt attractions, SFX stylists, body painting, costume parties, or wild Fun!

Available in non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Blue Zombie Contact LensesZombie Blue FX Contacts

There is no beauty or charm in these baby blues!  These icy blue eyes exude an chilling, eerie vibe that resonates with all things ghastly & unfriendly.

Deliver an unwelcoming stare onto the living while you go about your monstrous ways.  These light-blue zombie FX contacts feature an opaque styled lens, making a perfect fit for for following costume or makeup effects: the macabre, zombies,  or creepy clowns.

Bring the living dead back to life with these spooky blue eyes, and make mere mortals scream as they dare to stare into your icy glare.

Available in corrective(-6.00 to -0.25) -&- non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Red Zombie Contact LensesZombie Red FX Contacts

These blood-thirsty eyes scream for BRAINS!!

There is no hungrier zombie than a zombie with blood-red eyes.  These starving, brain-eating creatures will stop at nothing, consuming everything within its path, and anything living — even rats.

But tonight their favorite dish is on the menu — human brains!  So slip in some zombie red FX contacts and get ready for the hunt.

Featuring a full-red opaque styled lens that are perfect for: zombies, macabre, demons, vampires,  and other flesh-eating creatures.

Available in non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Blood Splatter Zombie Contact LensesZombie Macabre FX Contacts

Too slow to get out of its way, this zombie has gotten hit face first by a bus.

Create a gruesome, macabre effect with these blood splatter Zombie FX Contacts.  Perfect for zombies or macabre creatures that have been mutilated or attacked by a horde of zombies.

These shocking lenses also serve as a great effect for grim reaper, evil ghosts, or any grisly creatures.

These horrifying lenses feature a full-white background with blood splattering effect stemming out from the pupil.

Available in non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Berzerker Zombie Contact LensesBerzerker Zombie FX Contacts

Dare to stare into the eyes of pure zombie rage!

The more the virus decomposes the brain, the more the rage is amplified.  And the more the rage is amplified, the more the need to feed on exactly what the virus is eating away at — BRAINS!

Unlike those half-assed walking dead zombies, these zombies “do not walk” — they run!  And they Run Fast!  Stopping at nothing until they take a big bite right through your skull and chomp away at your brain.

The perfect effect for raging zombies; but also great for: possessed demons, killer clowns, demi-gods, wicked warriors, or any other scary monster effects.

Available in non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Piercing-Eye Zombie Contact LensesPiercing Eye Zombie Contacts

Project the fear straight down the throat of your mortal victims.

Featuring a light blue lens with a black limbal ring to exude piercing-eyes.  This effect will add to the spookiness of your zombie makeup and costume effects.

In addition to zombies, Piercing-eye FX contacts are sure to spice-up the following creatures & characters: vampires, demons, zombies, creepy clowns, or metal heads.

Available in non-corrective(0.00) versions.

WWZ Zombie Sclera Contact LensesWWZ Zombie Sclera Contacts

The virus is now done eating away at your soul, and leaving no living trace of humanity.  These eyes are windows to a soul-destroyed creature that only runs on the collective consciousness of the virus.

This virus is deadly, fast-acting, and strong enough to re-animate the dead within minutes.  This virus will spread upon a zombie bite, and will not stop infecting hosts until it takes over the world.

WWZ Zombie FX Sclera Contacts are the ultimate zombie eyes for the ultimate flesh hungry zombie.  Featuring a full sclera lens with shades of white, green & icy blue colors for a frozen over appeal, making a great effect for: zombies, cryptids, abominable snowman, or mythical arctic creatures.

Available in non-corrective(0.00) versions.

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