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One of the latest and hottest fashion trends that’s growing more popular by the day are coloured colormax contact lenses.

10+ years ago, you would only see special effects contacts or coloured contact lenses worn  in movies, but now you will find many movie stars and celebrities wearing them in their everyday lifestyle.

Colored contacts were originally popularized by Asian girls, which then stemmed to big name celebrities, and now to club & party goers, musicians, and anyone looking to have a little fun.

You can pair colored contacts with your favorite style cloths, and have fun matching colors for that beautiful & perfect arrangement.

Seven of our most popular colour contact lenses include colors such as Blue, Green, Brown, Aqua, Violet, Grey and Amber.

Listed below is a brief description of each one.  All of our colour contact lenses are available in both non-corrective(0.0 Power) and corrective versions(-6.00 to -0.25).

Blue Colored ColorMax ContactsBlue ColorMax Contacts

Besides being the coolest colors, blue is probably the most popular and preferred eye color among all these color contacts.

These Sapphire blue colored contacts would look best on anyone with a dark skin complexion.

Some celebrities which have sported sapphire blue coloured contact lenses in the past include: Matt Damon, Paul Walker, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vanessa Williams.

Put in these baby blue coloured contact lenses and welcome the warm smiles as they come one by one.

Green Colored ColorMax ContactsGreen ColorMax Contacts

Green is known as the sexiest eye color out of the bunch, and you can be sure to get looks while wearing these green coloured contact lenses.

If you want to send a sexual message to your partner, pair these green colored contacts with a green suit -or- dress for that ultimate effect.

Click on image to order our sexy green colored contacts today — and start getting the attention you know you deserve.

Brown Colored ColorMax ContactsBrown ColorMax Contacts

Surprisingly, Brown is the the third most popular color of all the coloured contact lenses.

The color brown communicates stability, reliability & approachability.  Brown is a combination of many colors which gives it a feeling of wholesomeness.

It is the color of our earth and is associated with all things natural & organic.

Brown colored contacts make it easy to match with many different color clothes.  Blends well with green, beige, white, gold, yellow & orange.

AquAqua Colored Contactsa ColorMax Contacts

The colour Aqua personifies emotional healing and protection.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful colors in the spectrum, and the most popular selection amongst women with lighter skin tones.

Pair these gorgeous Aqua colored contact lenses with your favorite blue-green outfit or dress to really leave a lasting impression.

Gray Colored Contact LensesGray ColorMax Contacts

Although many people see Gray as a negative color, in actuality this color personifies hope, truth, self-reliance & independence.

Acting as a neutral color, gray colored contacts are the easiest lenses to pair & match with color clothes.

Since Gray is technically a blend of white & black, these gray coloured contact lenses pair well with black & white clothes.

Violet Colored ColorMax ContactsViolet ColorMax Contacts

The highest energy & vibration of all colours, Violet  is known as the color of creativity, spirituality, intuition and Self-Awareness.

Violet eyes are considered the most intriguing and uncommon eye colors for human beings.

Slip in the violet colored contact lenses and treat yourself out for a night to get the attention, looks and smiles you know you deserve!

Amber Colored ColorMax Contact lenses

Amber ColorMax Contacts

The Amber coloured eyes Bella fell in love with from the Vampire movie — Twilight!

Amber features an orange-yellow color that is uncommon and unlikely amongst human eyes.

Pair these with a Halloween Vampire costume, Gothic Gear, or just for a night out in the town.

Follow link to learn more about our amber colored contacts.

Click on image below, and order your favorite coloured contact lenses today.

Colored ColorMax Contact Lenses

Color Philosophy

There is a lot besides looks that goes into a color.  So it really begs many questions: Is a color just a color?  What is color?  Do we all see the same colours?  Why do colors look good on some people while looking bad on other people?  And how do colors affect our mood, emotions & behavior?

There are many people that don’t even know which color looks best on them.  So understanding the meanings of colors can help you not only in matching the proper color clothes & contact lenses — but it can also help empower you in life.

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