Dark Angelic FX Contact Lenses

From corrupted souls -to- fiery-eyed demons -&- blood-hungry vampires -to- merciless queens, fortify your image with a ‘piercing stare‘ that will surly cut right through any mortals soul.

Aptly named Dark Angelic FX Contacts — these ‘fierce eyes are bright, creepy & seductive all at the same time, presenting themselves with 5 brilliant colors:(yellow, green, red, aqua, or white) — thus adding an ‘inhuman-like’ quality to a variety of character & creature makeup effects.

White Dark Angelic Contact LensesDark Angelic White FX Contacts

“Your only deed is to spread evil across man-kind!”

These ‘unearthly’ eyes are the antithesis of all-things godly, righteous, or just!

Absence of any type of soul-matrix, these piercing white-eyes serve as the perfect example of what it means to be a dark angel.

White-eyed dark angels are some of the most powerful, serving right under the command of Lucifer himself.  These dark creatures have the power to subdue & possess mere mortals with ease.

Slip in a pair of Dark Angelic White FX lenses to access that same power, and deliver a penetrating, sharp stare that will surly ‘amp up’ your character or creature makeup effects.

Presenting themselves with an opaque style lens to cover your natural eye color, and featuring an all-white iris encircled within a black limbal-ring with sharp detailing to create an overall ‘chilling’, ‘inhuman-like’ effect.

Available in corrective & non-corrective versions.  Click on image to learn more.

Blue Dark Angelic Contact LensesDark Angelic Blue FX Contacts

Resonate your being with all-things supernatural — from charming & sexy vampires to creepy corrupted souls, these otherworldly aqua colored eyes will add a surrealistic vibe to your makeup & costume creations.

These sky-blue eyes may look ‘trusting’ & ‘playful’, but that’s only to draw in some fresh prey for an easy kill.

These dark angelic beings are not loving nor healing, and their prime intention is feeding off the misery & suffering of tortured souls.

Slip in a pair of Blue dark angelic contact lenses, and portray your favorite ungodly or unearthly creature.

Create some great looks for Halloween, cosplay, anime, role-playing, or just prowling the night out in town looking for a fresh kill.

Available in corrective & non-corrective versions.  Click on image to learn more.

Red Dark Angelic Contact LensesDark Angelic Red FX Contacts

Project your hellish nature through these piercing, fiery-red eyes.

No mortal soul ‘dare-to-stare’ too long into these hateful, tortured souls; for if they do, are in for a taste of wickedness.

These insidious eyes are lacking of any positive emotions, with a soul stripped of any righteous deeds.

These monsters are the Devil’s Messenger’s — ready and willing to spread evil ‘whenever’ & ‘wherever’ they feel fit.

These hell-bound creatures are your most ruthless soul-possessing demons, blood-craving vampires, malevolent ghosts, & satanic metal heads.

So slip in a pair of dark angelic Red FX contacts and give yourself a look like you’ve crawled out from the pits of hell.

Available in corrective & non-corrective versions.  Click on image to learn more.

Yellow Dark Angelic Contact Lenses

Dark Angelic Yellow FX Contacts

You’ve seen the movie, now you can play the part!  Portray the look similar to that of Valak, one of the scariest demons to hit “the big screen” from the horror film The Conjuring 2.

Valak is a very powerful demon, mentioned in several ancient texts as the Great President of Hell, and commanded 30 legions of demons.

This demon is normally depicted as a small child with wings, yet this creature was brilliantly made more terrifying in the film portrayed as a nun in corpse paint — hitting on people’s fear of Nuns, a real phobia that affects over 250,000 people in America alone.

Now give a nun some creepy face-paint and piercing-yellow eyes, and you will surly shiver some spines with your costume or make-up effects.

These scary FX contact also pair well with: Vampires, Aliens, Gods, Angels, Apparitions, or Mythological Beasts.

Available in corrective & non-corrective versions.  Click on image to learn more.

Green Dark Angelic FX Contact LensesDark Angelic Green FX Contacts

Project your inner power & strength with these beautifully, piercing Green angelic FX contacts.

These are the charming eyes of the immortals, and higher energy beings which resonate on different frequencies, and originate from alternate realms.  These are the eyes of the Gods, Angels, Apparitions, Aliens, Demons, and some Vampire elders.

Featuring an ‘enchanting’ & ‘attention-grabbing‘, bright-green color for the irises and delicate black limbal ring with inwardly piercing brush strokes for that transformative look & appeal.

Let these Angelic eyes reflect your characters true nature, and synergize with your favorite makeup or costume effects.  Great fit for Halloween, cosplay, anime, theatre, movie production, costume parties, body painters, and special effect makeup artists.

Available in corrective & non-corrective versions. Click on image to learn more.

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