Devil Contacts

A cold, hard stare from eyes that will pierce through any righteous soul!  Compared to the all-red special effects contacts that are fitting Vampires, devil red contacts project a more diabolical stare, belonging to none other then lord of all-fear — “The Devil“.

Devil Contact Lenses

Limbal-Ring Devil Contacts

These devil eyes feature a blood-red color iris with a thick black spiked & ridged outer ring — thus giving these contacts an almost inhuman & animal-like quality; similar the Devil and possessed victims under demonic possessions such as the exorcist contact lenses.

Wear these Devil contact lenses with your favorite Devil costume or makeup effect.  Also goes well with any type of Demon, Vampire, Imp, monster, or possessed type looks or costumes.

Wear in theater, movies, stage acting, Gothic scene. or just feel like acting like an evil character or creature.

WARNING: Wearing these devil eyes may have you afraid to look at yourself in the mirror.

These Devil contacts are available in Non-corrective versions only.

Red/Yellow Devil Contact Lenses

Fiery Devil Contact Lenses

These red & yellow Devil contacts are the most commonly seen eyes depicted in many photos and movies of the Devil.

These colors-(Yellow iris with red limbal ring) lends itself to many evil characters depicted in other horror movies such as Pennywise from Stephen King’s It, and The Lost Boys Vampires — because a Yellow/Red iris is so unnatural of any human colored eyes — which creates a horrifying effect.

Pair these fiery Devil contacts with your favorite demon, devil, or Vampire costume or makeup effect.

Available in both Corrective(-6.00 to -0.25) -&- Non-corrective(0,00) versions.  / Base curve (8.6) / Diameter(14.5)

Blood Red Devil Contact LensesBlood-Red Devil Contacts

Stare into the Devil’s eyes if you dare!

These devil eyes are a little more realistic looking, and more of an intricate design, as compared to standard red color contacts such as Limbal-Ring or Cat-Eye Devil contacts.

Featuring a blood-red iris style – thus giving these lenses a horrifying look & feel.  And will definitely scare the hell out of any mortal being,

Pair these with your favorite Devil, Demon, or Vampire costume.

Available in Corrective(-6.00 to -0.25) & Non-corrective(0,00) versions.  / Base curve (8.6) / Diameter(15.0)

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Cat-Eye Red Devil Contact Lenses

Cat-Eye Devil Contact Lenses

A simpler design & color than the Fiery Devil contacts listed above.  These don’t create a horrifying effect like the Fiery Devil Contacts, but are better paired with sexy-devil or she-devil looks or costumes.

For couples that want to add some fire in their relationship and spice things up a little, red cat-eye contacts are a sexy fit.

For the ladies, pair these with some sexy red hot lingerie, and have some fun role-playing with your loved one.

Available in both Corrective(-6.00 to -0.25) & Non-corrective(0,00) versions. / Base curve (8.6) / Diameter(14.5)

Devil Colors

Throughout history and modern times within Christianity, text, movies and other media forms, the Devil depicted with the colors Red & Black.

The Ancient books on black magic were written with blood or any ink that resembled a blood-red color.

Satan & other demonic creatures were often depicted as the color black, riding black horse, & wearing in black or red garments, and having red eyes.  They used black animals in their sacrificial rituals and demons were often portrayed as black animals.

The depiction of the devil having red skin is in his relationship with Hell & Fire.  An interpretation within the book of Revelation 12:3-9, associates a red dragon with the devil.

Black which is the absence of color or darkness, might also be due to many inferences to Hell in the Gospel of Matthew.  Black is a serious color that evokes strong emotions.  It is the color of power, authority, stability & strength.  Black can indicate that you are independent.  Black outfits can be overpowering, or make the wearer seem aloof or evil.  Pythagoras, an ancient Greek philosopher often referred to black as the color of evil.

If you want to draw attention, use red.  The most extreme & emotionally intense color red colors get noticed and makes the person or thing appear more massive.  Stimulates energy and  encourages action and confidence .  People in a red surrounding find their heart beating more rapidly and report breathing more heavily.

The colors red & black, when used in conjunction denotes a very dark & wicked combination.


Devil contacts can be a lot of fun to wear – whether your accentuating your costume/makeup, or role-playing, or just want to scare your friends.

However, when it comes to the topic of the devil, demons or people being possessed by such evil manifestations, many question arise and a high level of mystery still remains on the subject.

Science & the Church documented and studied cases where sickness & disease doesn’t always give an answer.

There are stories documented of the possessed eyes in individuals having a drastic change in the color, iris & the pupil during exorcism rituals.  Even extreme cases such as the eyes turning into black like shark eyes, or blackout eyes.

Other unexplained events such as levitating, precognition, retro-cognition, superhuman strength, and speaking in tongues or in a language the subject could not possibly know.

Here is an article to learn the warning signs of someone who may be possessed.

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