The Exorcist Contact Lenses

You’ve seen the movie, now you can play the part of Pazuzu, one of the most evil, demonic forces to ever be portrayed on the big-screen.  These movie-inspired lenses bear a close resemblance to the piercing eyes of these dark forces from The Exorcist film series , which is considered one of the scariest movies of all time.

Regan Possessed Eye Contact LensesExorcism Regan Contact Lenses

The Exorcist – A horror film that shook the world when it came out in 1973.

Regan, played by Linda Blair takes part in a role of a young girl that becomes possessed by the devil himself.

In the movie, she has possessed eyes, giving off a piercing sharp look that will cut through any human soul like a knife.

These Regan contact lenses feature a thick black outer ring,  a sharp jagged-edge yellow & gold iris with greenish tint.

Wear it on Halloween, cosplay, rock concerts; or just wear em to scare the bejesus out of your friends or loved ones.  Wherever you decide to wear them, you can be sure to get a reaction.

Makes a great add-on to any demon, devil, or mythological creature makeup or costume effects.  If you love scaring people, then the Exorcist contacts are the prime choice.

Available in Corrective & Non-Corrective(0.00 Power)

Here are video scenes from the the Exorcist where you can get a good hard look into these Exorcist contact lenses.

And how can we forget about the much talked about head spinning scene.  Watch below to learn more about the scariest FX contacts in the world.

Sarah Demon Possession Contact LensesExorcist Sarah Contact Lenses

She’s pure evil and she’s coming for you.  Sarah, plays the role of a Doctor who becomes possessed in the 2004 prequel — Exorcist: The Beginning.

These movie-inspired Exorcist Sarah contact lenses give off a feeling of pure terror.

Features a thick blood red outer ring with a jagged spiked look bordering a light blue/gray iris.

Makes a good fit for the any type of demon, vicious monster, or evil ghost costume or makeup effects.

Available in Corrective & Non-Corrective(0.00 Power)

Check out this video to experience the possessed eyes of Sarah (Izabella Scorupco).

How The Exorcist Shook The World

Words went out instantly when William Peter Blatty best seller The Exorcist book hit the big screen on December 26, 1973.  It was the first film in a long time where people waited in line.  With lines stretching around the block, people had no clue of the impact that it was going to have of their lives.

The Exorcist was far too much for some people to handle.  The movie theater had people fainting, women having Miscarriages, and some getting sick & throwing up.

The Exorcist set box office records with a story of good vs. evil,  thus dividing religious leaders, and set a national debate of our belief system in God & Satan.  Outraged critics called it religious pornography.

This blockbuster hit began as a testament to William Peter Blatty’s faith.  When he was in college at Georgetown, William heard of a 1949 exorcism and possession case which ignited his interest, and he didn’t look back.  He felt he needed to write a book about it which would then become a movie.

The story of a young girl by the name of Regan taken over by demonic possession beyond her will.   The mother pursues every medical & technological remedy to help cure her daughter.  Nothing works, so she then turns to God and a priest.

Father Karras (Damien)  is the priest she turns to, however he is having his own crisis in faith and his belief in God.  In meeting the demon inhabiting Linda Blair which goes by Pazuzu, his struggle intensifies when this demonic force channels his dead Mother through Regan.

His struggle & battle with faith in God continues throughout the film, even through to the last Exorcism being performed on Regan.  He exorcises the Demon out of Regan with the help of Father Merrin whom suffers a heart attack during the ritual.

The film inserted short clips which some claimed were subliminal messages.  Some people even after watching the film claiming & mimicking signs of possession.

The Exorcist personifies demons & devils in a psychological & theological sense, and really hits close to home for everyone and begs to ask the question —  Is the devil real?… and will he take control of me?

Here is a quote from Linda Blair herself in why The Exorcist was such a major hit in grossing over 400 million dollars.

“It became an event that you had to go and experience, but can you really take it.” ~ Linda Blair

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