Fire Eye Contact Lenses

From burning heart desires to demonic stares.. and sexy, hot cat looks to flaming eyes — you will not find a wider variety of fiery special effects contact lenses.  Jump right into the fire and ignite your character’s or creature’s soul with our two brands of fire FX lenses:(Gothika & Custom SFX).  Read more below about each specific style: Dragon’s Breath, Banshee, Incubus, Inferno, Maul, Red Wolf, Cerberus, Flames, Rage & Fire Eye FX Contacts.
Dragons Breath Contact Lenses

Dragons’s Breath Contacts.

Spit fire with these cold-blooded, dragon eye contact lenses.

Featuring fiery red & yellow colors that scream explosive fire.  This hellish design synergizes well with any type of evil or ferocious creatures such as: demons, devils, dragons, and other mythological beasts.

From stage acts to Halloween -or- cosplay to film production, these blazing eyes are sure to ignite your makeup or costume effects.

Available in non-corrective(0.00) versions.  Click image to learn more about these Gothika Dragons Breath contacts.  Also visit our pinterest page to check out or special effects makeup boards for some really great ideas.

Darth Maul Gothika Contact Lenses

Fire Eye Maul Contacts

Ablaze your eyes with fury, and engulf your heart in flames with Gothika Fire Eye contact lenses.  Evil may have taken hold, but why not have a little fun before the fire burns out.

Featuring an opaque style lens with blazing inner yellow ring of fire emanating from around your pupil, atop a fiery-red iris, engulfing your entire eyes in flames.

Spice up the following makeup & costume effects: killer clowns, devils, aliens, and other wild & crazy characters & creatures.

Attend the next star wars event or cosplay convention as Darth Maul and make a lasting impression.

Available in non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Banshee Contact Lenses

Banshee Contact lenses

These maniacal eyes project the Impending Death and Wailing Warnings of The Banshee — a female spirit of Irish mythology, known as an omen of death and messenger from other realms.

These feline eyes resonate with pure hell fire, and are commonly seen in depictions of The Devil.

Create some terrifying creatures with these fire bursting eyes, such as: Demons, Devils, Gremlins, or Mythological monsters.  Also great for sexyfying your cat-like makeup or costume effects.

Slip in Banshee FX contacts for haunt attractions, Halloween, anything horror, cosplay, body painting, film production, or role-playing fun!

Available in both corrective(-0.25 to -6.00) & non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Red Wolf Contact Lenses

Red WereWolf Contacts

Fire up your inner beast creature, and get ready to hunt down and devour mere mortals.

These Gothika Red Werewolf contacts project the viciousness of these fearsome creatures.

Featuring a fiery style design with golden iris strands emanating from around the pupil atop a blood-red iris.

Shape-shift & transform yourself into werewolves, mythological beasts, rabid animals, or any other ferocious creatures.

Pair with makeup or costumes for: haunts, theater, film, Halloween, body paints, anything horror, or role playing fun.

Available in non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Inferno Custom SFX Contact Lenses

Inferno Custom SFX Contacts

They say that eyes are windows to the soul.  So let your eyes project pure hell fire.

Let the fire burn bright with Inferno custom SFX contacts.  Making for the perfect fitting for any fiery or hellish makeup effects.

Resonates with a multitude of characters & creatures: from tortured souls to demonic entities -or- anime persona to super heroes.

Available in corrective(-0.25 to -6.00) or non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Rage Custom SFX Contact Lenses

Rage Custom SFX Contacts

The virus has eaten away at every fragment of your soul, leaving you with no human conscience.

And feed on hate & rage, and your monstrous nature knows only one thing.  And that is to detach all mortal beings from their souls.

Rage custom SFX lenses are hand-painted with an intricate design, featuring a fiery, devil red-orange outer iris with short & long jagged spiked rings, punctured blots encircling pupil, and yellowish inner iris.

These lenses will have mere mortals run away in terror!  Makes for a synergistic effect with: demons, zombies, virus-stricken victims, or other hellish creatures.

Available in corrective(-0.25 to -6.00) or non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Incubus Custom SFX Contact Lenses

Incubus Custom SFX Contacts

Witness the eyes of the ultimate wickedness!  This is the stare of the Incubus — a malevolent, male demon known to possess women in their sleep.

This cruel, demonic entity are also known to commit the ultimate atrocity; sexually assaulting & raping women in their sleep, sometimes resulting in unwanted pregnancies from the victims.

These eyes are purely evil, featuring a fiery red/orange inner iris burning out from the pupil, and yellow outer iris with black limbal ring to project that piercing, demonic stare.

These Custom SFX lenses are hand-painted with an intricate & unique design that ‘s sure to accentuate a variety or makeup & costume effects.

Available in corrective(-0.25 to -6.00) or non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Maul Custom SFX Contact Lenses

Maul Custom SFX Contacts

Step on over to “the Darkside” with the most blood-thirsty, evil eyes one could imagine!

Slip in these intimidating, fiery eyes and get ready to fight Jedi masters with menacing ferocity.

Featuring a thick orange-red limbal ring fading into a yellow inner iris, delivering a ferocious, fiery-like appeal.

Maul Custom SFX Contact Lenses are sure to have you playing the part of this deadly, agile Sith Lord to a tee.

Also makes for a great makeup effect for: demons, devils,  aliens,  & macabre victims.

Available in corrective(-0.25 to -6.00) or non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Flames Custom SFX Sclera Contact LensesFlames Custom SFX Sclera

Let your soul burn away with these intriguing Flames Custom SFX Sclera contacts.

Featuring a full black sclera with orange & yellow raging fire erupting from the bottom portion of the lens.

This wild & crazy fire-eye effect will accentuate a variety of creatures: whether your a tortured soul in Hell’s fire pit, a malevolent demon, or mythological beast.

Custom SFX brand lenses are hand-painted for a more professional and intricate design.  More suitable for movie production, and special effects makeup artists.

Available in corrective(-0.25 to -6.00) and non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Cerberus Custom SFX Sclera Contact LensesCerberus Custom SFX Sclera

Damn yourself to the “netherworld” with these fiery, diabolical special effects sclera contacts.

These are the eyes of Cerberus, the hellhound whom guards the gates of “eternal damnation”.

These custom SFX lenses are hand-painted with intricate details for a more professional & dramatic appeal, featuring a pitch-black sclera lens with yellow sun-burst inner iris and orange flame-like outer iris with red streaking accents for a fiery, hellish appeal.

Wear anytime you want to project your fiendish nature.  A great addition for Halloween, cosplay, film, theatre, body paints, haunts, costume parties, or anything horror!

Available in corrective(-0.25 to -6.00) and non-corrective(0.00) versions.

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