Risen Dead Zombie Contact Lenses

This page features two of the most popular zombie special effects contact lenses in the industry.  Whether you’re looking for an All-out, creative, intricate, movie-quality design, or just want a simple lens effect to spice-up some zombie makeup for Halloween, then these two popular styles may meet your needs.

Rotting Corpse FX Contact Lenses

Rotting Corpse FX Contacts

From decaying flesh -to- putrefying brain-matter and decomposing organs -to- rotting corpses, these soulless eyes are sure to make your lifeless creatures even more revolting.

Rotting corpse FX contact lenses resonate with all things disgusting, featuring a semi-transparent lens effect to allow a small percentage of your natural eye color to come through.  This creates a realistic, decomposing effect on the eye.

Have fun pairing these with your favorite characters & creatures, making some great looks for: rotting corpses, zombies & macabre victims.

Available in Non-Corrective version(0.00)

Walking Dead Contact Lenses

Risen Dead Contact Lenses

Rise from the dead and get ready to eat some brains with these grotesque, blood-thirsty risen dead Special effects contacts.

These zombified lenses serve up as a close replica to the decaying eyes of “Bicycle Girl” from the hit television series The Walking Dead.

Featuring a traditional zombie sclera contacts with a white iris and blood shot sclera.

Compared to the standard zombie FX contact lenses which feature an all-white iris, these Walking Dead Contacts are highly customized to very fine & intricate detail which cover the whole sclera in addition to the iris.

These sclera lenses are realistic looking which goes great with any zombie or dead type creature costumes such as evil ghosts & mummies.

Available in Corrective(-6.00 to -0.25) & Non-Corrective(0.00 Power)

See what a close resemblance these walking dead contact lenses  bear to the decaying eyes of the memorable zombie character called bicycle girl.

The Walking Dead

The walking dead‘: AMC’s zombie television series which debuted on Halloween 2010 brings to life Robert Kirkman‘s long running comic book  series.

The series premier received record breaking ratings for the cable television channel.  And there were glowing reviews of the jaw-dropping special effects incorporated into the zombie creatures.

The Walking Dead Special Effects

Executive producer and show creator Frank Darabont maintain a high level of carnage, blood, guts & gore in the show, doing Robert Kirkman’s comic book series justice.  Frank’s ideas and the rest of his film crew take special effects zombie  movie making to a whole new realm.  Incorporating some of the best people in the special effects business to create believable & monstrous looking zombies.

The Walking Dead Zombie – Bicycle Girl

She’s eerie, grotesque, and just outright monstrous.  She’s a character called bicycle girl.  The first zombie that Rick Grimes runs into after leaving the hospital.

Upon lifting the bicycle, Rick confronts a completely emaciated & desiccated zombie, half-eaten and crawling on the grass.

This serves as a highlight for the special effects expertise Frank Darabont and the rest of his crew embody.  They really wanted to portray the zombies depicted in the books,  which had long faces and really narrow bone structure. It was a bit of a battle to find someone to play this part that would have that kind of look that they can then accentuate with prosthetic zombie pieces.

They found someone to play the part by the name of Melissa Cowan.  A cast was made of her head, teeth & body so they can then build the prosthetics to work as a mold.  A full-body foam latex mold was made of her chest & back, in addition to a foam latex mold of her face & neck.  Leaving her completely covered from the waist up.

Custom designed dentures were made for her which clipped over her real lips and having the prosthetic pieces which overlapped the dentures.

The whole process of this character gave the image and effect of her whittling away from Melissa Cowan to a torn apart zombie girl.

Follow the link for the rest of AMC’s Walking dead shows for more information.

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