Underworld Cosplay Contact LensesYou’ve seen the movie..  Now you can play the part!  These movie-inspired Underworld contact lenses bear a close resemblance to the popular vampire characters we just love to “act out as” & “dress up like”.   So pay homage to the film and your favorite vampire characters at the next cosplay event, or Halloween party.  Also slip in a pair for some ‘great wild fun’ or role-playing with a loved one.

Selene Contact LensesSelene Contact Lenses

She’s the girl you’ve always wanted… or the girl you’ve always wanted to be!  She’s Selene, and she’s out to hunt & kill all Lycan.

These beautiful sky blue Selene contact lenses come custom designed with intricate & fine detail.

Featuring a branch-like design stemming from around a darker blue pupil, and darker blue rings around the outside of the iris to give a realistic look & feel of depth.

Wear these hypnotizing & sexy Selene contacts anywhere or anytime.

Whether you put these in for a costume party or slip em for a night out in the town, be prepared to have creatures of all types falling for you.

Available in both corrective(-6.00 to -0.25) & non-corrective(0.0)  Click image for more information.

Viktor Underworld Contacts LensesViktor Contact Lenses

The eyes of the Vampire leaders & elders!

Viktor has been awakened early from his hibernation and he is angry as hell!

Customized to fine & exquisite detail, the Viktor contact lenses comes in three shades of blue — the iris features a cut & shredded look of viciousness, outlined with a thin black ring to give it its piercing effect.

A great effect for Halloween, Haunt attractions, cosplay, theater, movie production, body paintings, vampire/goth clubs, or anywhere your cold-blooded heart desires.

Wear these contacts to personify your true vampire power.  Available in corrective & non-corrective powers.

Markus Cosplay Contact lenses

Markus Contact Lenses

Marcus Corvinus is a member of the Corvinus Clan, the progenitor of the entire Vampire Nation, and the original Vampire Elder.

A bone-chilling design that was made for Vampire leader with a vicious agenda.  Featuring a a sky-blue background iris with dark blue detailing throughout, and contrasting black limbal-ring to really accentuate that traditional piercing vampire stare.

A great look to pair with your Vampire makeup or costume effect for Halloween, cosplay events, stage performances, Vampire/goth clubs, or for some role-playing fun with your loved ones.

Available in both corrective & non-corrective powers.

Underworld Vampire Contact LensKraven Contact Lenses

These are the eyes of wanting, lust & power.  Kraven is the character in Underworld that everyone hates.  He’s just out to selfishly see himself grow in power at everyone’s expense.

The Kraven Underworld contact lens features a maya blue iris with a fiber-styled black outer limbal-ring giving it a sharp stare.

Wear it with any type of costume or attire you feel like getting into trouble with.

Available in corrective(-6.00 to -0.25) & non-corrective(0.00) powers.

Click here to learn more about the Kraven contact lenses.

Death Dealer Contact LensesDeath Dealer Contact Lenses

Slip in Death Dealer Custom SFX Contact lenses and get ready to battle and destroy enemy Lycans.

These powerful, hypnotic vampire eyes present themselves as a light blue iris surrounded by a dark, contrasting limbal-ring.

Deliver a piercing vampire stare that will enliven & accentuate your favorite death dealer vampire character from the Underworld film series.

Show up at the next cosplay event in true vampire fashion, or pay homage to this Vampire clan at the next Underworld movie release or convention.

Available in both non-corrective & corrective versions.  Click image for more information.

Amelia Green Underworld Contact LensesAmelia Contact Lenses

Inspired by the character of the same name from Underworld film series, this Vampiress elder is not only the most beautiful, but she is stronger, faster, and possesses greater weapon skills than the younger Vampire clan.

So mortals, beware: for these charismatic green eyes may lure you in… but they will surely wipe you out!

These custom-designed, hand-painted lenses are sure to deliver a dramatic appeal, and add an extra touch to your costume or makeup effects.

Featuring lime-green irises with darker, contrasting limbal-ring surrounding the edge of the lenses to add definition, and piercing stare effect.

Available in non-corrective & corrective versions.  Click on image for more information.

Lucian Special Effects Contact LensesLucian Contact Lenses

This is the fiercest and most evil-looking of all (Lycan) werewolf contacts!

These eyes communicate the hatred that Lucian, leader of the Lycans has for Viktor and his Vampire clan.

These Lycan contacts are sure to scare the hell out of all mortal beings.  Wear these with your favorite werewolf or Lycan costume and attend cosplay events in true professional style.

Available in both corrective(-6.00 to -0.25) & non-corrective(0.00) versions.

Click on image to learn more about Lucian underworld contacts.

Vampire Lycan Contact LensesVampire Lycan Contacts

“Half Vampire… Half Lycan… But stronger than both!”

The Vampire and Lycan virus finally fused within the body of Michael Corvin after first being bitten by a Lucian(Lycan), and now being bitten by Selene(Vampire).  Thus Transforming his newly strengthened body into a Vampire-Lycan hybrid.

A creature whom now possesses unparalleled power, speed, and the ability to regenerate faster that any other Vampire or Lycan can possess.

These black sclera contacts are all black lenses which cover the majority of the eye(Sclera).

Available in non-corrective & corrective versions.  Click here to learn more information about our other full black sclera contacts.

Here’s a video showcasing underworld contact lenses from the following characters: Kraven, Viktor, Selene & Michael Corvin.

Lycan Underworld Contact LensesLycan Contact Lenses

The moon is full as you transform into a blood-thirsty Lycan beast looking for a liitle vengeance.

Become one of Lucian’s soldiers by slipping in a pair of Lycan Underworld Contacts, and get ready to slay some vampires this Halloween, for cosplay events, or at the next Underworld movie release.

These movie-inspired lenses present themselves as a full 22.0 Sclera lens, featuring multiple shades of blue for a contrasting style that bursts out in alternating hues; adding a deep, captivating effect to your eyes. The blue bursts fade into a dark navy background sclera for even more depth and a surreal, shocking appearance.

Available in both non-corrective & corrective versions.  Click image for more information.

Corvinus Contact LensesCorvinus Contact Lenses

Witness the horrific eyes of William Corvinus, the first true werewolf, and ancestor of all Lycans.

Inspired by the character of the same name from the Underworld film series, these Custom SFX Corvinus Sclera Contacts reflect the nature of this monstrous creature, and the first generation Werewolves.

These frightening red eyes present themselves as a full sclera 22.0 lens, featuring a firebrick-red inner iris lens design with sun-burst patterns, followed by contrasting dark & light-red color patterns.

This unique, multi-dimensional sclera design is sure to add a vicious appeal to your werewolf makeup & costume effects.

Available in both non-corrective & corrective versions.  Click image for more information.

Raze Contact LensesRaze Contact Lenses

He is the second-in-command to Lucian, and on a mission to permanently free the Lycan slaves whom are under the rule of the aristocratic Vampires.

This Lycan warrior exhibits abilities well beyond his fellow Lycans, including enhanced healing, speedstrength, and can transform into a werewolf at will.

So slip in a pair of Raze Sclera contact lenses and get ready to hunt down enemy vampires.

This unique style lens screams ferociousness, featuring a light-blue, sun-bursting ring encircling the pupil for an enticing, yet unnerving-like appeal.

Raze special effects contacts are sure to accentuate your look, and totally transform you into a shape-shifting beast from the Underworld.

Available in both non-corrective & corrective versions.  Click image for more information.

Also check out our Lestat movie-inspired blue vampire contacts.

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