White Out Contact LensesAll true horror fans would probably agree that the scariest eyes from characters & creatures in film are all white eyes.

Posted below are many different styles of white eye effects featured in a variety of horror genres, but all nonetheless equally creepy.  Some of the most popular genres include: Ghosts, zombies, demons, and other walking dead creatures.

White-Out Frosty FX Contact LensesFrosty White-Out FX Contacts

If you are going for that really Eerie look as if all of the life has been sucked out of you, leaving you completely soul-less, then slip in some blind eye contacts -or- frosty contact lenses.

These horror contact lenses are popularized in many scary movies featured with zombies, ghosts, demons, creepy killers, macabre victims, rotting corpses, witches, and other scary monsters.

Frosty-eye lenses feature a semi-transparent nature which serve as a great effect for someone playing the role of a blind person with extreme cataracts.

These freaky FX lenses bear a close resemblance of the eyes from those memorable creatures from Pet Sematary & Evil Dead in addition to tons of zombie movies.

Freak people out this Halloween, or for: cosplay, movie production, photo-shoots, stage acts, body-paints, goth/vampire clubs, or just to scare the hell out of people.

NOTE: Due to the nature and frosty-like design of these lenses, you will only be provided with about 80% vision.  So do not drive or operate machinery, as your eyes will be blurry.

Available in Non-Corrective Version(0.00).

All White-Out FX Contact LensesCreepy All-White FX Contacts

From zombie walks to ghostly appearances, or shocking goth looks to freaky killer stares, these all-white creepy FX contact lenses are sure to grab any mortals attention.

Most commonly worn as zombie special effects contacts, however these also pair with any makeup or costume effects where you want to accentuate the creepiness of your character or creature.

Featuring am All-white pattern-less, opaque iris to completely mask the color of your iris.  This simplistic design is one of the most popular in the special effects industry, and goes a long way to spicing-up a variety of Creepy & Spooky make effects.

These all-white FX lenses seem to resonate well with die-hard Goths, cosplay characters, ghosts, zombies, scarecrows, witches, demons, black metal artists and other hair-raising makeup effects such as skulls, broken dolls, & creepy killers.

Slip in a pair of creepy all-white contacts and get your spook on for Halloween, cosplay events, goth clubs, body paints, or any place you feel like making an impact!

Available in Corrective(-0.25 to -6.00) & Non-Corrective Versions(0.00).

White Mesh FX Contact LensesSpooky White-Mesh Contacts

Illuminate your dark soul and intensify the spookiness of your creatures & characters with White Lace Special Effect Contact Lenses.

Featuring an all-white mesh design with small holes to provide for limited vision, so do not wear while driving or operating heavy machinery.

These make for a great effect for either up-close or far-away looks.  From afar, the white and black colors mesh together for that traditional zombie-eye effect.

From the freaky, scary, elegant, or wild & crazy eye effects, these unique style lenses pair well with a variety of costumes & makeups.

Great for zombies with decaying eyes, extreme cataracts/blind-eye effects, or wicked witches.

How about a bug-eyed effect for that creepy-crawly feel, or to accentuate any bug-like make-up or costumes.

Give your demons that complete ‘demonic stare’ that no demon is no is complete without.

“Spice up” any of your fantasy or mythical characters & creatures such as a big-horned Faun sorceress likened to the makeup effect in our image.

Available in Non-Corrective Version(0.00).

Manson White-Out FX Contact LensesManson White FX Contacts

From head-banging rock stars to blood-sucking vampires, or creepy circus clowns to soul-torn zombies, Manson white-out FX lenses are our most popular, vibing with a wide variety of styles & makeup effects.

Featuring an all-white opaque lens with a thin-black limbal ring.  While being a very creepy effect, its cartoony-like appeal resonates well with cosplayers dressing up as Anime, cartoon & comic-book characters.

Rock musician Marilyn Manson may have popularized this style lens, but it has stemmed off into many different genres, arts, characters & creatures.

These also for a fun fit for everyday wear for goths or just anyone looking to have a little more fun in their lives.

Available in Corrective(-0.25 to -6.00) & Non-Corrective Versions(0.00).

Movie Effects With White-Out Style Contact Lenses

Pet Semetary

Stephen king’s Pet Sematary is considered one of the best adaptations of a Stephen King novel.  A truly horrifying film that hits on many different levels.

Victor Pascow, a kid who is fatally struck by a car in the film gives Dr. Louis(main character) his dying words in the hospital.  The next night Louis is visited by Victor Paskow, which is now a ghost.  Victor then leads Louis to the sematary — warning him “Not to cross the barrier”.

Victor looks very scary in this scene due to the macabre special effects makeup and frosty-eyed look.

The frosty lens is worn only in his left eye, giving a more chilling effect;  a dichotomy feel between good & evil.

Evil Dead

Spooky white mesh contact lenses bear a close resemblance to the eyes of the demons from the Evil Dead film series.

The movie Evil Dead was called by Stephen King “The Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror”.  Written and directed by Sam Raimi;  lead role Bruce Campbell,  the film is about a group of 5 friends that travel to a cabin in the woods, where they find an audiotape, when upon playing it unknowingly releases soul possessing demons.

The film made $10,000,000 worldwide making it one of the highest grossing horror films of all time.  Released into theaters on October 15, 1981 — Evil Dead was considered ahead of it’s time for the special effects aspect.  The prosthetics, makeup, and creepy, white blind-eye effects were incorporated into the demonic creatures , making for some of the scariest demons on film, even to this day.

Learn more about these chilling, demonic-styled white-eye contacts.  Watch this short video clip from the Evil Dead to get the feel of how Creepy & Eerie white-lace contacts can be when paired with a simple make-up effect.

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