Demon Contact Lenses

Demon Contact Lenses

If you ever wanted to peer through the same evil eyes as your favorite Demon, then look no further!  You will find a variety of some of the most hellish, feared movie & mythological Demon contact lenses.  Featuring movie-inspired diabolical eyes of the following demonic entities: Exorcist, Hellraiser, Jeepers Creepers, and Supernatural.  And  also mythological Demons such as Succubus, Incubus, Lilith and Pazuzu.

Below is the list of the industries Top 10 Demon contacts with a description of each, detailing its background, colors, and features and whether they are of non-corrective -and/or- corrective powers.

Wear these on Halloween -or- any costume party making the perfect addition to any Demonic fiend, mythological creature, evil Monster or Vampire type costumes.

Incorporate these into your performances if you are a professional artist involved with stage acting, theatre, Movies, Rock musician, etc.  Find one that suits your soul — whether your a Gothic freak, or a play-by-night Vampire.  You can also have fun wearing these in the crowd to your favorite Rock or Heavy Metal concert.

Full White Eye Contacts

White-Eyed Demon Contacts

White-eyed demons are extremely powerful, and are known to hold the highest ranking in Hell.

It is white-eyed demons whom possess the “Fiery White Light” ability to obliterate people.

Well known white-eyed demons that exhibit these powers include Lilith, Alastair & Samhain.

If you see a white-eyed demon coming your way, be sure to run.  If you are that white-eyed demon, you can be sure to scare away mere mortals.

Available in 14.5 diameter, and 8.6 Base Curve.  Available in both non-corrective(0.0) & corrective(-0.25 to -6.00) powers.

Black Eye Demon ContactsBlack Eye Demon Contacts

Black eye demons are the most common type of demons from folklore and mythology.

Many black eyed demons serve as body guards for higher ranking demons, and utilize an advanced form of magic & spells against their victims.

This look is very popular in horror films, and commonly used in the television series Supernatural.

These black eye contacts feature an all-black sclera lens covering the majority of the eye.

Available in both non-corrective(0.0) & corrective(-0.25 to -6.00) powers.

Also learn more about our other black contact lenses such as Gothic, Possessed, and other Blackout styles.

Deal Maker Demon Contact Lenses


Deal Maker Demon Contacts

This red-eyed demon is ready to make a deal to grant your wish, but it may come at the price of your soul!

Red-eyed demons are The demon deal-makers, also known as crossroads demons.  And if you’re ready to make a Faustian Bargain, or deal with the devil, then your wish may be granted in exchange for claiming your `life & soul’ at a later date. And all deals are sealed with a kiss.

So, if you’re OK eternal damnation or any other unsavoury ending to live the life of your dreams, then pucker up!

Deal maker demon contacts feature a full blood-red iris, and are sure to make a big impact coupled with your makeup or costume effect.

Available in non-corrective(0.0) & corrective(-6.0 to -0.25) powers.  Click on image to learn more.

Pazuzu Demon Eye ContactsPazuzu Demon Contacts

Experience the look of `pure evil’ and be ready to send spine-tingling chills down the spine of any mortal!

Introducing the Pazuzu demon contact lenses.

Pazuzu is a very powerful Demon, and was depicted as the Demonic antagonist whom possesses the characters in all of William Peter Blatty’s films The Exorcist.

Extremely scary and projecting a piercing stare, these demonic contact lenses feature a light ghoulish green inner iris with contrasting darker green, and thick black limbal ring to really add to its piercing effect.

Non-corrective(0.0) & Corrective(-6.0 to -0.25) versions available.  Click on Pauzu contacts image to learn more.

Sarah Demon Eye Contact Lenses

Sarah Demon Contacts

Long before Father Merrin helped exorcise the demon Pazuzu out of Regan’s soul in The Exorcist , he first encounters Pazuzu in East Africa.

Pazuzu possesses the soul of Sarah, whom plays the role of a Doctor in Exorcist: The Beginning — which is the prequel to the first film.

The Sarah demon eye contact lenses bring about a whole different feel of terror.

Featuring a pale blue iris, and a thick blood red limbal ring to project the ultimate in evil.

This scary demon contact lens is available in both Non-corrective(0.0) & Corrective(-6.0 to -0.25) powers.

Pinhead Pinhead Demon ContactsDemon Contacts

He may be fictional, but he has scarred many minds from his Hellraiser Horror films.

He is leader of The Cenobites – the extra-dimensional Demonic entities with monstrous and disfigured features.

The pinhead contacts are very horrifying and inhuman in nature, featuring a thin red limbal ring surrounding a big black gaping hole of an iris.

These demon contact lenses makes for the perfect addition to a pinhead Halloween costume.  Can also be worn with any other type of Demon, Vampire or Devilish costumes or makeup effects.

The Pinhead contacts are only available in Non-corrective(0.0) versions.  Click on image to learn more.

White Out Demon ContactsEvil Dead Demon Contacts

Witness the eyes of pure death & decay!

Demonic white out contacts bear a close resemblance to the demons from famous horror film series, Evil Dead.

Demons are resurrected anytime passages from the Necronomicon, also known as the book of the dead are incited, which then will kill off any human souls.

The human soul then awakens as a deadite —  which is a corpse that is a vessel for the demonic force that possessed it.

These white out contacts are the demonic eyes of all deadites.  Wear these ‘wherever’ & ‘whenever’ your sick mind desires.  Available in Non-corrective(0.0) versions only.

Follow link to learn more about these dead eye contact lenses in addition to other white horror contacts you can sink your teeth into.

Lilith Demon Eye ContactsLilith Demon Contacts

Lilith, one of the most powerful and highest ranking Demons in Jewish mythology, and is the first female demon created by Lucifer.

White eyed Demons are considered to be the most powerful, and with Lilith possessing the ability of telekinesis, super-human strength and the power to cause explosions on command, she is no one to mess with!

These Lilith demon eye contacts feature an eerie off-white iris with dark-blue strands encircling the pupil, with a rugged dark-blue limbal ring.

If you are a female who wants to project power and ultimate evil, then the Lilith demon eye contacts are the optimal choice.

Wear Lilith contact lenses for the movies, stage acting, Halloween, role-playing -or- to fully subdue any man of your choice.  Come in both prescription & non prescription powers.  Click on image to learn more.

Incubus Demon ContactsIncubus Demon Contacts

Incubus is a male night Demon that sexually preys on woman when they sleep at night, thus resulting in unwanted pregnancies, sexual assault, mysterious disappearances, and also rape.

These malevolent entities are involved in the possessing innocent victims.  There are also reports all over the world of exorcisms involving incubus.

These Demonic looking eyes mirror what it means to be purely evil, so wear these any place you wish to let out your devil inside.

Featuring a fiery red/orange inner iris and yellow outer iris, and black limbal ring to project that piercing stare.  Click on image to learn more about these horrifying Incubus demon contacts.

Succubus Demonic Contact LensesSuccubus Demon Contacts

According to Arabian mythology, Succubus was a female demon straight out of Hell, and on a mission to suck the souls out of men by having sex with them while they’re sound-asleep in bed.

These demonic contact lenses are suitable for women who want to take full control of any man.

These can make for some role playing fun between couples in the bedroom.

If you want to add some extra spice between you and your lover, the Succubus demonic contact lenses are the prime choice for any Female.

Available in prescription or non-corrective versions.

The Science & Philosophy of Demons

Most people don’t believe in demons, however many do believe they exist in our everyday reality.  In fact, there are many writers & public speakers such as Stewart Swerdlow & David Icke putting out books and traveling the world to meet with different religions & tribes which teach about demonic entities.

If one is compatible & susceptible at the genetic, vibrational & holographic level to be possessed by demons, then this is essentially how they can take control of your soul.  Demonic entities use humans as conduits to feed off our own fear and anguish.

The Religious Teachings

It is taught in Christianity, and believed by many that Demons are fallen entities, fallen angels, or Nephilim that are here on Earth.  However, we can’t see them through our our visible spectrum.  And they love to see us in pain & destruction.  And they are here to try and mess up our lives.  And the Muslims have very similar beliefs, but refer to their demons as Jinn.

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